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Asparagus and Alcohol

Several studies have demonstrated that Asparagus has several properties such as antifungal, antimutagenic, anti-inflammatory, and diuretic activities.

Asparagus officinalis, a popular vegetable, is consumed widely and has long been used as an herbal medicine to several diseases.

Asparagus officinalis is applied for alleviating hangover and protecting liver cells from alcohol toxicity.

Cellular toxicity induced by alcohol can be relieved after treatment with the extracts of Asparagus officinalis leave and shoots. Also, the activities of two key enzymes that metabolize alcohol, ADH and ALDH, can be increase after treatment of leaf and shoot extracts.

Thus, Asparagus officinalis might be used as a natural product to prevent and treat hangover through increasing alcohol metabolism by upregulating the activities of ADH and ALDH.

Interesting: The amino acid and inorganic mineral contents were found to be much higher in the leaves than the shoots. Thus, the leaves of A. officinalis, which are normally discarded, have the potential for use in therapy designed to protect the liver from various harmful insults.


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