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Let's go to the Beach with healthy snacks

Finally, the time has come when we can enjoy a day at the beach, swimming, relaxing on a lounger or for the more adventurous, building castles in the sand.

You definitely need a swimsuit, sunscreen for sure, a towel and some healthy snacks that will help you get the energy you need and stay hydrated (except of course the water which is essential).

Let me not talk to you about the benefits of fruits and vegetables, just to remind you that they are a very good choice for the beach due to their high water content. You can combine your fruit with unsalted nuts or seeds.

Frozen grapes are a very tasty snack to take to the beach. They stay cool for a long time and even when defrost, they are delicious. All you need to do is remember to put them in the freezer the night before.

How would it feel to take canned tuna with you (preferably in water instead of oil) along with breadsticks or wholemeal toast and chopped vegetables e.g. peppers, cucumber, parsley to make your meal cooler;

Would you like to prepare homemade hummus and serve it with wholemeal breadsticks?

Another option is chopped vegetables, mainly carrots and celery, to which you can add peanut butter for extra energy.

Cereal bars and rice wafers are also good choices as long as they do not have excessive amounts of sugar and fat. To be sure you can check the nutrition chart on the packaging. When the total fat is more than 17.5 g per 100 g of product then it is better to avoid this option. Best choices are those where the total fat is 3 g or less per 100g of product. Also, make sure you choose foods with less than 5 g of sugars per 100g.

When it comes to water, make sure you have enough with you, especially if you are going to visit a secluded beach. You can prepare ice cubes with pieces of fruit to give more flavor or add mint leaves.

For cocktail lovers, the choices with carbonated water or some soda without sugar would be preferable.

Enjoy your time on the beach and make sure you keep your body hydrated, protect yourself from the sun and in simple words make sure you have a good time.

Some ideas
  • Canned tuna (preferably in water instead of oil) with breadsticks or wholemeal toast and chopped vegetables e.g. peppers, cucumber, parsley

  • Hummus with whole breadsticks

  • Fruits

  • Carrot and celery with peanut butter

  • Unsalted nuts

  • Cereal bars and rice wafers (see nutrition chart)

Christiana Mouski

Dietician - Nutritionist

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