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Return to routine with extra weight..? Or not!

Updated: Jan 2

Weight gain during the holiday season is not uncommon. On the contrary, we would say… and research agrees, that it is rather expected.

On Christmas day, New Year's Eve, but also in other social gatherings during the holidays we consume "special" meals and calorie-dense foods, e.g. desserts, meals with thickening sauces, sugary drinks or alcohol. There is also evidence of decreased physical activity. These contribute to a weight gain ranging from 0.5-2 kg.

Returning to normalcy after the holidays does not promise that the extra weight will be lost. However, avoid extreme behaviors that not only do not solve the problem but make it worse.

Focus on a healthy balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, legumes and whole grains, low fat dairy and lean protein (fish, poultry, eggs…). In addition, as difficult as it may be for some, set aside sweets for a while and generally avoid added sugar. As for alcohol, a moderate consumption (especially red wine) along with meals is recommended. However, we must not forget their high caloric content.

Apart from diet, we must not overlook the importance of physical activity but also of quality sleep in weight loss and generally in physical and mental well-being. In particular, physical activity does not always have to be strenuous and brutal. You can enjoy a walk with your loved ones, a hike and a healthy snack at the end of the route, a bike ride listening to your favorite music or whatever else pleases you and exercises you at the same time.


• Avoid deprivation diets

• Homemade is healthier

• Do not skip meals

• Find time for breakfast

• Choose something light for dinner (eg seasonal salad with low-fat cheese, 1-3 wholemeal rusks and olive oil)

• Legumes at least 2 times a week

• Avoid sweets (you can replace them with 2-3 dried fruits eg dates that have a sweet taste)

• Add physical activity to your daily routine

• Pay attention to sleep

In short, a balanced diet, physical activity and adequate quality sleep are the ingredients that will gradually restore your body without depleting it.

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