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Cocktails by the sea

Only the thought travels you ... cocktails by the beach music and relaxation.

Etheras studio found for you the 5 best options. Refreshing cocktails with relatively fewer calories.


Classic mojito has around 240 calories but with some adjustments you can enjoy this refreshing cocktail with only 90 calories per serving. Try juice of one lime, mint leaves, 60 ml of white rum and 350 ml of diet lemon lime soda.

2-Aperol spritz

Citrusy, herbal, lightly sweet aperol has around 150-170 kcal consisting of Aperol, dry prosecco, soda or sparkling water and orange slice for garnish. Just an extra info, this is an Italian cocktail.

3-Gin and Tonic

With 115-170 kcal who can resist to a nice refreshing gin and tonic. Try to use a tonic with less calories


And for the afternoon during the sunset what would fit better than a fruity sangria. Sangria may has more calories than the previous mentioned cocktails (around 200-250 kcal) but it’s rich in antioxidants with health benefits.


One glass of this dry anise-flavored aperitif has about 150 kcal. That’s not bad. Be careful if you add extra soda, calories go up. Ouzo has some benefits too like anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant activity protecting cells from disease. In addition it is said that can ease an upset stomach.

Enjoy your summer!!

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