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Gardening-Nature & Mental Health-Stress

Holistic therapies aim to treat the whole person. Well-studied through research and randomized trials is the so-called green care or plant exposure therapy and gardening.

There is strong evidence that exposure to plants and green spaces, and gardening is beneficial for mental and physical health Several trials have revealed the beneficial effects on mood and mental health of simply observing nature, or even images of natural scenes.

Why does gardening seem to be so beneficial for health?

It combines physical activity, exposure to nature and sunlight. Sunlight lowers blood pressure and increases vitamin D levels which affect mental health. The fruits and vegetables as well as the aromatics (eg oregano) produced have a positive impact on nutrition. Moreover, working in the garden could be compared to working out in a gym.

Gardening and nature are alternative therapies, offering a proven, inexpensive and almost universally available means of improving health.
  • Research in Sweden found that access to gardens has a significant positive impact on stress (even if the person has a simple balcony garden)

  • Scientific meta-analysis showed the positive effects of gardening on mental health (reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety)

  • A Japanese study showed that viewing plants reduced anxiety, fear, anger and sadness. It also reduced blood pressure, pulse and muscle tension.

It's a good 'occasion' to connect more with nature

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