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Choose your Peanut Butter!

The all-time favorite peanut butter is found in almost every household. But there are peanut butters and peanut butters, how do I know which one to choose?

Let's take a look at its nutritional value

Amount Per 2 tbsp (32 g)

  • Calories 188

  • Total Fat 16 g (that's 24% of your daily needs - average person)

  • Saturated fat 3.3 g (that's 16% of your daily needs- average person)

  • Total Carbohydrate 6 g

  • Dietary fiber 1.9 g

  • Sugar 3 g

  • Protein 8 g (that's 16% of your daily needs- average person)

  • Cholesterol 0 mg

  • Sodium 5.4 mg

  • Potassium 207.7 mg

  • Vitamin B6 (10% of your daily needs- average person)

  • Magnesium (12% of your daily needs- average person)

As we can see, it is a nutritious food with good fats (heart health), protein, rich in vitamin B6 and magnesium, but let's take into account that it is energy dense and, in addition to good fats, it also has saturated fats.

Vitamin B6:  proper function of sugars, fats, and proteins in the body. Necessary for the development of the brain, nerves, skin, and others.

Magnesium: for the proper function of muscles and nerves, to keep blood sugar and blood pressure at the right level, and to make protein, bone, and DNA.

How to choose my peanut butter:
  1. I look at food labels: many peanut butters are loaded with sugars and fats that we want to avoid

  2. I choose the supplier: I prefer stores that sell nuts and make my peanut butter on site

  3. I make my own homemade peanut butter

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