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Is Organic Healthier?

Organic refers to a method of farming, but it’s not a health claim.

When seeing An organic logo on food don’t be confused. That logo does not mean that the food is automatically healthy. it doesn't tell you about the calories, fat, salt, sugar or vitamin content of food. An organic fried chip is still a fried chip — it’s not suddenly “healthy” because the potato was grown using organic farming methods.

organic food

To be considered organic:

  • No synthetic fertilizers

  • No synthetic pesticides

  • No GMOs (genetically modified organisms)

  • Antibiotics as a last resort *

  • Better animal welfare

*The animal products we consume must be kept disease free for this and many conventional farmers regularly use antibiotics to prevent disease. These can end up in our food chain. On organic farms, the use of antibiotics is strictly limited. It is allowed only when absolutely necessary for the health of the animal, in order to avoid suffering and when natural remedies are not effective.

What doesn't mean it's organic:

  • It is grown locally

  • "Green" packaging: Words such as "natural," "green," or "eco" on labels and packaging do not necessarily mean that a product is organic.

  • "Healthy": when a product is labeled organic it does not directly mean that it is healthy, and vice versa. There are many organic products from burgers to pizzas and wine. Being organic doesn't mean it doesn't have a lot of sugar, saturated fat, etc. Too much fat, salt and sugar still have negative effects whether the product is organic or not.

What to do to verify if a product is organic?

European symbol

is organic healthier

NOTE: In other countries you may encounter different symbols and different regulations for what can be considered organic or not.

Scientific Articles:

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