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Lose 10 pounds in a week? Don't think so

I am sure that all of you or rather all of us have tried and if not tried then we have heard of some fad diet.

Lose 10 pounds with the watermelon diet, lose 7 pounds in 1 week with eggs and chicken, lose 20 pounds in a month drinking only grape juice. do they sound familiar….I'm sure they do. Here it should be noted that a healthy weight loss is around 4 kg per month.

Fad diets are plans sold as the best and fastest approach to losing weight. Yet some of these diets involve eliminating foods that contain necessary nutrients that your body needs to maintain good health.

And the cool info... Do you know what the first fad diet in history was? One standout example was the Cabbage Soup Diet, first popularized by celebrities in the 1950s. This diet involved consuming nothing but soup for seven days.

All these eating patterns are not considered balanced and healthy and can cause various health issues in the body some of them are dehydration, weakness and fatigue. Nausea and headaches. In addition, sudden weight loss, no matter how tempting it is, can cause serious disorders. Some of these are gallstones, liver disorders, significant loss of muscle mass and increased uric acid

So let's see how we can recognize Fad diets
  • It Has A Specific Beginning And End, while a balanced diet is part of our everyday life and should become a habit

  • It Promises Very Rapid Weight Loss (4kg in a month is the healthy pace)

  • It Advertises That You'll Lose Weight In A Specific Area Of Your Body.

  • It Claims That There Is No Need To Exercise.

  • It Mandates Cutting Out Certain Foods Entirely. While a balanced diet promotes the consumption of a variety of foods to supply the body with all the necessary nutrients

  • It Encourages Extreme Rigidity or Daily Rituals.

Now that you know how to recognize them you can also avoid them. It's certainly appealing that you can lose so much weight in such a short period of time, but I can guarantee you that those pounds will most likely come back along with some extra.

It is better to follow a healthy diet such as the Mediterranean diet and lose the necessary pounds at the right pace. You will achieve your goals, the loss will be recorded and the most important thing is that by then you will have acquired better eating habits, it will now become a way of life.

I advise you not to sacrifice time on these types of diets but to consult an expert and follow a proper diet at your own pace and according to your needs.

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